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Luke Meneok
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Luke Meneok Best grrl punk band in the Hammer. What's not to love about Rackula? Favorite track: Silly Girl.
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released February 24, 2013



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RACKULA Hamilton, Ontario

Three-piece, all grrrl band out to encourage your daughters to revolt and to french-kiss your dads.

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Track Name: HP Sauce
Coattail rider you can try to grab daddy’s name and hold real tight all the things you don’t deserve it’s your birthright daddy’s nerve.
You don’t make friends when you ride for free gas grass or ass that’s the way it’s gotta be.
Track Name: Insecurities
We all hate insecurities. Lie about how much you like me. I’m the voice inside your head. you can call me your friend. You wrote it. I read it. I never will forget it. I’m amazed by what you do. You do not follow through. We all have insecurities. I know how much you like me. Die inside. Want you dead. Land of hate inside my head. You wrote it. I read it. I never will forget it. I’m amazed by what you do. Words are easy to misconstrue. I’m sorry you don’t know when to stay when to go. these things are a crime these things you’ll learn in time.
Track Name: Silly Girl
Silly girl what’s wrong with you.Why do you do the things you do.

Why do you take use destroy? Why can`t you just love the boy Silly girl if you can hear

The voices in your head are clear. It’s not like you don`t know the cost. Then go ahead despite the loss.

She thinks it`s just like The Eagles said Those lyrics running through her head Pounding in her brain

Trying not to say his name She don`t fit in her own skin Not sure why she let you in One more time to watch it burn Stupid girl you`ll never learn He just wants you for the thrill Loves moves in for the kill Buckle up enjoy the ride Cause he ain’t ever satisfied. She thinks it’s just like the eagles said. Those lyrics running through her head pounding in her brain trying not to say his name Can’t forget the thrill she felt ,on her neck and in her mouth, pounding in her brain. She thought of him again. You can’t lie.